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Ho ho ho!

Our Christmas shop is now open!

Back by popular demand, 'The Christmas Collection' includes two full-sized servings of three festive cocktails - chocolate orange espresso martini, gingerbread martini and Christmas cosmopolitan.

the 'Ferrero's Feast' and 'After I Ate' collections include four full-sized servings of each cocktail with a full-sized box of chocolates.

'the selection box' contains two full-sized servings of three delicious chocolatey cocktails - caramatini, curly swirly and mucho bueno.

All of our Christmas collections are 'hibernation editions', which means that they don't include any fresh ingredients and are perfect for wrapping in advance and popping under the tree! A number of our other collections are also available in hibernation edition and this can be selected at checkout.

Our last order date for Christmas delivery will be Monday 11th December to ensure that our warehouse can fulfil all orders to arrive in time for Christmas.

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