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How does The Blind Badger encourage social responsibility?

Our business is not just about selling great cocktails. The whole ethos of The Blind Badger is really about bringing people together; encouraging people to make time for each other and the benefits of enjoying a shared experience; whether a novel date night, a catch up with a bestie or a long overdue family gathering. Our cocktails are simply designed to be the catalyst to make this happen.

Throughout the pandemic we have all seen the negative effect that the lockdown has had on many of the people around us. Social interaction is well recognised for its role in maintaining our mental wellbeing and by extension, our physical health. Numerous studies show that losing our human connections causes physiological stress which can result in low mood/depression, poor quality of sleep, accelerated cognitive decline and impaired immunity in people of all ages. When life is busy it can be difficult to find the time (or sometimes the motivation) to connect with people, even those close to you. But it is such an important part of living a fulfilled life, not just for yourself but also for those people who rely on you to be their support network.

Whilst we were developing the Blind Badger, it was particularly important to us to make sure that our product was inclusive for everyone.

In particular, although conventionally alcoholic, we understand that an alcohol-free cocktail is important to many people, perhaps due to health reasons, religious reasons or as a lifestyle choice. We have taken time to develop our alcohol-free range to ensure that the cocktails are not only delicious but that there is no compromise in the experience of mixing up or enjoying the drinks. The quality of alcohol-free spirits available on the market today is excellent and ever-expanding, it has opened up so many new opportunities to experiment with tasty alcohol-free drinks.

We recognise the benefit of quality ‘family time’, so our ‘Cub Pack’ is designed to ensure that even the kids can join in shaking up some tasty drinks whilst making their own ‘mocktails’ and are then entertained whilst you all savour your drinks.

Our products are of premium quality and designed to be sipped and savoured. We want to encourage people to enjoy our drinks responsibly, they don’t all have to be drunk in one sitting! Our alcohol-free range is just as delectable as our alcoholic selection, and they pair really well together, so if you want to keep the party going without having a headache the next morning you have options!

From our inception, we have carefully considered how we can ensure quality in our products but also in our service and approach. We have been careful to be transparent with our customers through our website and our advertising. Our prices include the cost of shipping so that there are no extra costs at the checkout and all of our bottles are sent full, even if that means sending out more than is required for the advertised drinks in the box. We don’t artificially inflate our prices to use gimmicks such as ‘free’ gifts or ‘permanent’ discounts as a marketing strategy and our prices reflect the quality in our boxes. Honesty is part of what we stand for.

We are a relatively new company and we are keen to support other small businesses. We have tried to source as many of our supplies as possible from our contemporaries, making every effort to shop locally to reduce the impact of transportation on the environment. We have been careful to select partners who share our ethical values and our commitment to protecting people and our planet. We will continue to do this as we grow. We would love to hear from you if your small business would be interested in working with us!

We really want to build our clan and we would love for you to join us on this journey. If you believe in our ethos and our values or just love our products, please feel free to share them on social media and spread the love. If you have something interesting to share with us or if you wish to collaborate with us, please reach out, we would love to hear from you!

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