• Hurricane


    The Hurricane is a New Orleans classic, created in the 1940s during World War 2, traditionally served in an iconic glass in the shape of a Hurricane lantern.  A sweet and fruity drink made using two types of rum and tropical juices, this makes the perfect party drink to impress your friends!


    This box contains enough ingredients to make four full-sized drinks.

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      What's in the box?


      100ml dark rum

      Fresh limes (or lime juice for Hibernation edition)

      100ml light rum

      50ml sugar syrup

      Passionfruit juice

      Fresh oranges (or orange juice for Hibernation edition)

      50ml grenadine




      Dark rum, lime, white rum, sugar syrup, passion fruit juice (water, passion fruit juice from concentrate (13%), sugar, fructose, stabiliser (pectin), flavourings, vitamin C, acid (citric acid), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K)), orange, grenadine (sugar syrup, grenadine aroma, citric acid e330, colouring agents: e122, e102).

    • The same great cocktails, just with long-life fruit instead of fresh fruit, perfect for buying in advance!