Mai Tai
  • Mai Tai


    The Mai Tai is often mistaken as a long, fruit punch-style drink, but is in fact a very strong drink served in a rocks glass.  The origin of the Mai Tai is a very interesting story and we have included this in our box for you to enjoy whilst you sip your drink!  A Mai Tai is based on a Daiquiri but includes orange curaçao liqueur and orgeat syrup, which contributes to its flavour and sweetness.


    This box contains enough ingredients to make four full-sized drinks. 

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      What's in the box?


      100ml pineapple rum

      50ml orange curaçao liqueur

      Fresh limes 

      50ml orgeat syrup

      100ml light rum

      50ml sugar syrup

      Fresh mint




      Pineapple rum, orange curaçao (water, sugar, alcohol, natural flavouring, armagnac, cognac, 7.5% at 40% vol, natural lemon flavourings, colourings: plain caramel and e110), lime, orgeat syrup (sugar, water, natural flavouring, emulsifiers: E414, E413. Contains bitter almond extract), sugar syrup, fresh mint.