'Paw'star Martini
  • 'Paw'star Martini


    Our own unique spin on the classic favourite!  A luscious cocktail incorporating heavenly vanilla and sharp passion fruit with passoa and sweet pineapple, served with a shot of prosecco on the side.  A fun and sexy cocktail, the perfect indulgence!


    This box contains enough ingredients to make four full-sized drinks.

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      What's in the box?


      200ml vanilla vodka

      Passionfruit juice

      100ml passionfruit liqueur

      100ml sugar syrup

      Pineapple juice


      Fresh passionfruits

      Fresh limes




      Vodka, sugar syrup, passion fruit juice (water, passion fruit juice from concentrate (13%), sugar, fructose, stabiliser (pectin), flavourings, vitamin C, acid (citric acid), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K)), pineapple juice (pressed pineapple juice 100%, stabiliser: pectin), passion fruit, passoa, prosecco and lime.