The Tequila Collection
  • The Tequila Collection


    Tequila cocktails are often associated with summer holidays and lazy days on the beach.  Tequila can legally only be produced in Mexico and is a strong, fiery spirit with a herbal aroma and a floral taste, the unique flavour mixes well to create delicious cocktails.


    The most traditional way to enjoy tequila in Mexico is to sip it neat (not as a shot with lime and salt) but our Tequila Collection includes three cocktails that showcase how the spirit can be used to make refreshing drinks for savouring - the El Diablo, the Blue Velvet Margarita and the Long Island Iced Tea.


    This collection contains enough ingredients to make six full-sized drinks, two of each cocktail, with some ingredients to spare. 

    • Translated from Spanish to English, El Diablo means 'The Devil', but don't let the name fool you.  The sweetness of the blackcurrant and the ginger ale pairs beautifully with the tequila and the tartness of the lime to create a stunning drink that every tequila lover has to try!