The Tiki Collection
  • The Tiki Collection


    Tiki culture emerged in America in the 1930s and the era lasted until the end of the 1960s.  There is no real definition of what makes a cocktail 'tiki' but think rum, tropical fruits, depths of flavour and extravagant garnishes!  The original recipes for tiki drinks were often well-kept secrets and lots of bartenders at the time tried to recreate the flavours in their own way, which has resulted in many different recipes for the same drinks.  Tiki cocktails are fun, flavoursome and skilfully mixed drinks.


    Our Tiki Collection includes three of the most famous drinks of the era - the Mai Tai, the Mojito and the Hurricane.


    This collection contains enough ingredients to make six full-sized drinks, two of each cocktail, with some ingredients to spare. 

    • The Mai Tai is often mistaken as a long, fruit punch-style drink, but is in fact a very strong drink served in a rocks glass.  The origin of the Mai Tai is a very interesting story and we have included this in our box for you to enjoy whilst you sip your drink!  A Mai Tai is based on a Daiquiri but includes orange curaçao liqueur and orgeat syrup, which contributes to its flavour and sweetness.